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FRITES Belgium on Tap餐廳推薦適合情侶及朋友用餐,提供豐富菜式和啤酒,環境充滿當代歐洲的感覺。主打比利時菜,提供多種口味的青口,如蕃茄、喇沙、白酒等,並設有酒吧。FRITES Belgium on Tap位於將軍澳區,餐廳內座位數未知人均消費約$201-400,餐單提供比利時菜等推介美食,埋單可以Visa,Master,現金,AE付款,Booking訂位可以電話致電28336556查詢。

FRITES Belgium on Tap


餐廳FRITES Belgium on Tap 2021年7月推介餐廳優惠

FRITES Belgium on Tap

FRITES Belgium on Tap評價及照片:

網友1對FRITES Belgium on Tap評價:
a new western restaurant just opened, so we have booked a table for dinner by openrice, and I got the confirmation email. we arrived 20mins before, they made people wait outside,inside the restaurant it's like a big war .... we told them we have a reservation, they said really?? then left ....so I went to asked other people , wait a while again,one woman who speaks French and English finally came and told us they don't have our reservation, and said: strange, we have closed the booking, how u can got it?? and she didn't tell us if we can go to table or no, just said wait ....well,we were a bit lost, the people in the front of us even dispute a bit with the them... after half hour waiting, finally we got a table...very complicated.... then the order,like we use to start from apéro first, but they told us they don't have licence yet, so we can't order beer...oh my God....they are not really ready to open, honestly..... and we wait like 40mins to get all the food ...rib and sausage were ok, moule wasn't so Great

網友對FRITES Belgium on Tap評價:
You would have seen in my previous review there were some very hangry comments. Of course these still stand however after several rounds of orders it became clear that most of the delay and missed communication happened in the kitchen rather than with the waiters. The tables around us eventually experienced long order delays as well and although the waiters kept apologising and rushing our orders, it seemed like the kitchen only had limited capacity. Perhaps opening day brought with it certain challenges, but as a franchise that has 6 shops in HK I would expect better from the kitchen. The food was reasonable, the bread was great, however quite a few mussels were not fresh and tasted so weird we had to spit them out.Please can the restaurant managers conduct a thorough review to the food, kitchen operations as well as the ordertaking system especially under COVID tablesharing measures. It becomes very frustrating when every order from your neighbour is served to you and you have to look around in confusion every single time.Before these issues are sorted and reflected in reviews I don’t expect to be returning to dine anytime soon and would caution those who live near and expect a meal with normal serving times.

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*大漁屋台 黃, 大漁屋台 藍, (大漁屋台 黃藍 等意思黃店或藍店簡稱


常見問題 FAQ:

FRITES Belgium on Tap餐廳內大家應如何減少社交接觸?

  1. 為採取以下措施保持員工之間、員工與顧客之間以及顧 客之間的社交距離:
  2. 為顧客提供外賣選擇
  3. 避免搭枱或改動座位安排以減少直接面對面接觸
  4. 在食肆張貼告示或作廣播、或於地面加上標記、提醒顧客在排隊或等候期間保持距離
  5. 在服務櫃枱加設屏障,減少顧客與員工直接面對面接觸
  6. 鼓勵顧客使用非觸式的付款方法(例如:信用卡、手機應用程式等)
  7. 安排員工分批工作、休息及用膳

FRITES Belgium on Tap在餐廳內應如何確保環境衞生?

  • 食物業經營者應加強對食物業處所包括廚房、食物房、洗滌間、廁所(包括水龍頭與廁所把手)和食肆座位間的清潔,定時及在有需要時應用1:99(即把1份漂白水與99 份水混和)的稀釋家用漂白水消毒,以經常保持清潔和適當維護。
  • 在處理被呼吸道分泌物、嘔吐物或排泄物污染的地方,應使用 1:49(即把 1 份漂白水與 49 份水混和)的稀釋家用漂白水。
  • 經常清潔消毒食物接觸面及設備,例如餐具。
  • 經常清潔消毒員工或顧客的頻密接觸點,例如門柄、桌面、餐盤。
  • 確保用作送遞食物的工具不可用於收集餐桌上已使用的餐具及食物殘渣,可考慮以不同顏色或標示來識別工具的不同用途。所有工具都要保持清潔和定時消毒。

餐廳廚房內FRITES Belgium on Tap應如何確保食物衞生?

  • 採用「食物安全五要點」,以正確處理食物:
    1. 精明選擇:選擇安全的原材料
    2. 保持清潔:保持雙手及用具清潔
    3. 生熟分開:分開生熟食物
    4. 煮熟食物:徹底煮熟食物
    5. 安全溫度:把食物存放於安全溫度
    6. 有需要時,提供公筷公羹。
  • 避免公開展示沒有包裝的即食食物(例如烘焙食品)。
  • 如使用即棄手套處理即食食物,要注意手套不能代替清洗雙手,並要正確使用。手套如有損壞、弄污或食物處理人員因暫停工作而把手套除下,便應把手套丟掉;要經常更換手套,更換時和除手套後都要清洗雙手。

對於工的個人衞生餐廳FRITES Belgium on Tap建議是什麼?

  1. 工作人員須謹記:定期檢查體溫
  2. 工作期間,戴上口罩
  3. 咳嗽或打噴嚏時,要用紙巾掩蓋口鼻,並立即將已弄髒的紙巾丟入垃圾桶。然後,以梘液和清水清潔雙手
  4. 保持良好的個人衞生習慣(例如在處理食物前後、進行清潔之後、處理廚餘或垃圾後以及上廁所後要洗手)
  5. 如患有或懷疑受到傳染病感染或出現病徵,例如感冒、腹瀉、嘔吐、黃疸病、發燒、咽喉痛和腹痛,應停止處理食物。如出現呼吸道感染病徵時,應戴上外科口罩及盡早求醫
  6. 洗手時應以梘液和清水清潔雙手,搓手最少 20 秒,用水過清並用抹手紙弄乾。雙手洗乾淨後,不要再直接觸摸水龍頭
  7. (例如先用抹手紙包裹著水龍頭,才把水龍頭關上)

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